Comprehensive Operational Consulting
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Our Company and its objectives

Operational consulting, because we do not want only to be viewed only in advisory role but we would like to be involved in the application of the recommendations, process placement and to participate in the implementation of the design strategy. Activity focused within the Healthcare Sector, especially in the Medical Devices product segment. With a philosophy of full implementation of the various functions necessary for business start up, product launch or commercial project, even taking into account that each of the services offered are independent of each other. (meaning they are employable and executable separately).

We believe that the permanent evolution of Health Care Technology, the short lifespan of technology products, the development of new equipment, technologies for diagnostics and monitoring, and globalization of hospital services, places us in a new environment that existing consultancy services do not cover. This need is based on:

  • Access to the Healthcare Technology market primarily in the Iberian Peninsula, but with a significant volume within the European and Worldwide market.
  • The short half-life of high technology products and the need to reach critical mass. Given the significant resources needed to invest in R & D & i, and the requirement of non-internationalized companies to market their products, already sold in their country of origin, in Iberia through any of the existing marketing channels and fully meeting the legal requirements.
  • The need to make this implementation in the shortest possible time, limiting any costs and delays in generating benefits due to delay in their market introduction.
  • The need for implementation with limited costs, not penalizing the cost structure due to the rigidity of the labour market, once the implementation is fully operational assuring that cost structure is appropriate for the sales and profit targets set.
  • The difficult economic situation will be in favour, in small companies, to outsourcing the functional and operational commercial resources and improve the cost control.
  • The "go to market" for new local businesses opportunities, with high technical product knowledge and innovative development, but low expertise in planning the market entry and therefore the need for support in the definition of a strategy inside a given specific competition and regulatory environment, and the search for funding or outsourcing of services to guarantee its operations.
  • Effective implementation of these strategies and actions.