Comprehensive Operational Consulting
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Implementation of the company as a local subsidiary

Implementation of the company as a subsidiary of the Group, originally from another country, with the structure of a subsidiary and some domestic services operated on its own and other outsourcing, depending on the size of the expected sales and the objectives to score fix by the company. The operational actions in very general terms would be targeted to achieve, at the end of the process, the full operation, as a subsidiary company, especially with reference to:

  • Establishment of legal entity in Spain
    • Establishment of legal entity
    • Attorney powers and responsibilities
  • Authorizations and registration processes.
    • Legal entity as local distributor of Medical Devices
    • Products to market, and the National Competent Authority (AEMPS) and at the regional authorities in which there could be particular requests.
    • Specific authorization, if needed, as Operators of Radioactive Products or Equipments, Sterilization Processes, Waste Treatment....
  • Logistics of physical product distribution. For example:
    • Procedures and delivery times
    • Cold Delivery Chain if necessary.
    • Quality Control systems, reference and batch traceability.
    • Managing packages (waste packages recovery)
  • Search for physical premises (offices, demo rooms…)
    • Search for suitable premises
    • Negotiation of contract terms and conditions.
    • Licensing and adaptation works if necessary.
    • Authorizations and operating permits