Comprehensive Operational Consulting
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Placing on the market products of Biotechnology and/or Health Technology from new companies. (PMTS).

Support to build Business Plans, with the idea of bridge the gap of knowledge between the "idea" of the product and the feasibility of its introduction into a specific market, with a defined customer conditions and an active competition. To give business support, to companies that need funding through Business Angels or Venture Capital. It is a reality in our environment that the development of business projects, have had originated from technologically advanced product ideas, with a lack of commercial or business vision and go to market capability.

The services we could offer will, in this case, depend very much on the type of product to introduce, maturity or stage of the development process and the agents involved, and due to that, a specific design of a personalized and customized service for each case will be done.
Some services that may be included in this kind of projects could be:

  • Preparation and / or review of the Business Plan.
  • Negotiations with companies supplying goods (raw materials), services (IT ...) or outsourcing (manufacturing, logistics, administration ...)
  • Processes of seeking funding.
    • Introduction to forums of Business Angels or Venture Capital
    • o Preparation of models and documentation for bank loans or ICO.
  • Other specific support required for the development of a business opportunity.
  • Likewise, when the process of implementation would be done we can offer consulting support in developing the operational activities in daily life.