Comprehensive Operational Consulting
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Comprehensive support in introduction of foreign companies to Spain.

Support addressed to Companies from other countries in the Healthcare Sector (Medical Devices), and especially aimed to companies with origin in markets with little cultural and / or structural affinity with the Iberian market, or with deep differences with it.

In order to find the optimal route of introduction into the market is essential to know in detail the objectives and operational strategies of our client and that is why the first action will be to understand the situation of the client company by the consultant and mainly focused on:

  • The company's products.
  • Positioning and customer segmentation.
  • Their objectives and priorities
    • Economic purpose and objectives of introduction delays.
    • Main priorities, sales volume, margin, image …
    • Company image and market communication.
  • Operational structure and contact persons.
  • Once this situation is understood we will present to the client:
  • Description of Sanest, its history and objectives.
  • Sanest Vision, Mission and Values.
  • General situation about:
    • The global Healthcare Market in Iberia and in particular the Medical Devices sector. Structure and market volumes.
    • The target market for our client, global evaluation of volumes, distribution channels, analysis of the major competitors.
    • Legal requirements for marketing the products.
  • Description of the opportunity assessment and recommendation of the business model
  • Description of the actions to take, timing and financial budget.