Comprehensive Operational Consulting
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Access to new market segments and implementation of commercial or business strategies (IEC)

Business strategy development and operational introduction of new products and / or services in the hospital market, both public and private, clinical laboratories and health institutions in general. Companies that target a new segment within the healthcare sector or its subsectors, and with the need to establish, in this new business, commercial priorities, targeted customer segments, opinion leaders, referrals …

Broadly, the service must be defined based on the products to market and taking into account:

  • Market knowledge and access to information of potential customers.
  • The breadth and diversity of the segments to approach.
  • The geographical area to cover.
  • The sales and profitability objectives that the client company wants to achieve.
  • Conditions of exclusivity or not for the commercial management.
  • The plan should be specific and fully customize, taking into account all the aspects described, for each service offer.