Comprehensive Operational Consulting
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Sanest Consultores SL (SCSL) was founded in 2,000, as a consulting company with the intention of advising other companies acting in the Healthcare Technology sector. One of its principal founding project was the feasibility study for "Bomi 2000", in a new project, entitled HLS (Hospital Logistic Solutions), for outsourcing, the logistics management for Public Hospitals of all the sanitary-disposable good. This feasibility covering both central and satellite warehouses, including the movement of goods between them. In the last five years, SCSL has had several contracts, particularly in implementation of business strategies in the sector of public and private hospitals.

Some of the main projects have been:

  • Introduction of equipment and reagents for Clinical Diagnostics in Hospitals and Health Laboratories.
  • Introduction of Molecular Diagnostics Systems in oncology processes.
  • Product launches in e – health business.
  • Market studies in the segment of Allergy Diagnosis, Apposite and other similar to advise foreign companies on strategies for entering the Iberian Market.