Comprehensive Operational Consulting
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Opportunity assessment and recommendation of the business model

Elaboration of the Business Plan (market research, business objectives, implementation models, operational requirements ...). Presentation of viable alternatives, recommendations and proposal for implementing the best alternative based on which products to sell and business objectives.

In this phase, Sanest research and analyze the necessary data to take the right decision about the deployment model:

  • Client target Market
    • Vision more in detail, oriented to the type of products in:
      • The market structure of the Iberian Healthcare Market.
      • Medical Devices. Market.
      • The sub-sectors in which the client company positions its main products
    • Market volumes of Medical Devices, in particular relevant to the products to be sold.
    • Existing or alternative marketing models in Iberia.
    • Main competitors (both direct activity companies and local distributors) and their competitive advantages.
    • Legal requirements:
    • Product Registration
    • Structure of legal representation and operating authorizations.
    • Legal obligations in Personnel Data Protection (LOPD), Environmental Protection etc…
  • Presentation of alternative business models.
    • Cost - benefit analysis of various options.
    • Recommendation